Dr. Hruby – Away for 3 months

By | August 20th, 2019 | Comments Off on Dr. Hruby – Away for 3 months

As of August 27th 2019, Dr. Lorna Hruby will be away from the office until December 3rd 2019 travelling.

We have arranged partial locum coverage during the time that Dr. Hruby is away. Unfortunately we will not have full evening appointment availability. Below are the dates we currently have a locum to cover Dr. Hruby’s evening appointments.

September 11 – Dr. Natalie Chan

September 18 – Dr. Natalie Chan

September 25 – Dr. Natalie Chan

October 16 – Dr. Natalie Chan

October 30 – Dr. Natalie Chan

Dr. Natalie Chan and Dr. Vera Khramova will also be covering select shifts during the day for Dr. Hruby.